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Flashing K800 to K810 results

I posted before about the possibility to convert the K800 to K810. Well, a member of esato has tried flashing his K800 with K810 firmware. He flashed the K810i R1KC001 firmware with wotanserver with success. Here are the results:

- The photofix function is present but not that useful (not much different from photoDJ)
- TrackID is also present
- Java is updated to version 7.4
- Date of firmware is 7/3/07
- Game extreme snowboarding installed instead of photoquest fishing
- The keypad lights don't function properly

In conclusion this conversion is not advisable because of the keypad issue.

UPDATE: Here are pics of the keypad after the flash

Click for esato


  1. I figured the problem with keypad... It's the way the phone lights up the keypad. Lower part is illuminated usually. The top part switches on when you slide the cover of the camera. This is an indication that we might need to change a few things when we get our k810 housings like the keypad board (Has switches and lights), and add another part in the upper portion of the phone. My impression is that we will need new flex cables for switches and new keypad if we swap the housing.


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