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Taking the fifth: S60 brings it all together

Welcome to the new S60 5th Edition, which brings together a host of innovations into a single package. Smartphone users can look forward to a great user experience, boosted by the touch UI, sensors and the availability of familiar, easy-to-use tools to help developers create innovative applications.

So, let’s focus on what this latest version of the world’s favorite mobile platform offers to those of us who like to get the best from the technology in our hands.

Do more and do it better

With S60 5th Edition, the whole mobile experience becomes more exciting with new touch and sensor capabilities, opening up new ways to use the mobile device. The possibilities are endless, from virtual handwriting recognition to touch-based control, from turning the device over to change the display orientation, to tapping it to cancel an alarm. These new input methods open a whole new world of excitement for end users and application developers eager to develop engaging experiences for their customers.

An unsurpassed Internet experience

S60 5th Edition also helps to deliver the best Internet experience over the mobile. The award-winning S60 browser provides full desktop-like browsing which the 5th Edition enhances by combining an improved browser engine and the touch UI. The platform fully supports multimedia, including Flash Lite 3. Regardless of the content type, S60 5th Edition can play it the way it was meant to be played.

Build what you want, using what you know

S60 5th Edition is an open platform that enables developers to create exciting mobile applications using a wide variety of development environments. It supports Web technologies, including Flash Lite and the S60 Web Runtime, which make it easy to create applications that combine Web-based data with platform functions and features. With C++, Java, and Python, on the other hand, developers can create innovative applications and extend the platform features. In addition, C++ developers can take advantage of Open C and Open C++ to leverage existing code and components from other platforms and from open source projects.

Building stand-alone Web applications is an easy way for developers to reach out to the vast market of the Internet and make it available on the mobile. Users can have instant access over their mobile to their favorite Internet content and services.

Yet S60 5th edition goes even further with its new opportunities to bring platform services to the Flash Lite and Web Runtime environments. Developers can create context-aware Flash applications and widgets that use local device information and functionality, such as GPS co-ordinates, phonebook entries and messaging functions.

Fantastic new possibilities open up. Always-on mobile access to the most relevant and useful content plus direct access to S60 platform services gives developers even more power to satisfy their customers with all the added value that only the mobile can offer.

There are many examples of how applications can combine device services and Internet data:

A widget that automatically connects to GPS to find the user’s location, then downloads local weather forecasts and mashes that with other information such as local film showings (for when it’s raining) and the location of friends to invite by SMS to the movie.
A flight booking application that adds relevant flight times to the device calendar, alerts the user if the flight is delayed, and enables one-click check-in straight from the phone.
An application that reminds the user to take their medicine, when a repeat prescription is needed, even booking an appointment with the doctor to get the new prescription.
Or how about an application that finds the nearest coffee shop from the user’s favorite chain and with one click gives step-by-step directions to it?

Built on field-proven technology

On top of all these benefits, it’s also important to remember that S60 is a highly developed and well-proven open platform that was launched in 2002. With S60 5th Edition, we now have the most reliable mobile platform in existence today.

If you want to take part and start developing applications on S60 5th Edition, the SDK is now available and includes the tools, emulator, code examples and technical documentation needed to create powerful and innovative context-aware applications.

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