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Hands-on experience with the Tizen-based Samsung Z2

The Samsung Z2 went official today, and at the announcement event, we were able to play around a bit with the Korean giant’s latest Tizen smartphone. If you didn’t already surmise from the phone’s price tag and specs, the Z2 isn’t supposed to attract seasoned smartphone users. Instead, Samsung is once again looking at feature phone users – of which more than 550 million exist in India – for selling the new Tizen handset. The company touts Tizen as a simple and intuitive operating system (it’s not any more simple or difficult to use than the company’s Android phones), and the Z2 gets a couple of new features focused on Indian users.

These features include the My Money Transfer app, which will let users transfer money between bank accounts without the need for an internet connection (Samsung says most popular banks will support the app). Then there is S Bike Mode, which is making its Tizen debut with the Z2. Samsung has also built in a quick way of switching between apps – you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch between all your recently opened apps, something that worked pretty well when I tried it out. Ultra Data Saving Mode is also available. In terms of performance, the phone felt quick and smooth, especially given the meagre hardware inside. But then again, that’s one of Tizen’s allures: The OS is lightweight and suitable for low-end devices.

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