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Samsung already started delivery of the Galaxy Note 7 in Germany

Oops. During the official launch in Germany for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 September 2, and pre-orders to three days earlier, ie on August 30, receive the device, according to Samsung, Samsung has unexpectedly started in Germany with the delivery of some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ,
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Most editors in Germany are still waiting for test equipment, but after all, some (few?) Users can now forward on the Samsung Galaxy Note. 7
By email several readers have reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note has been sent. 7 It is obviously directly only to the black version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and so far only pre-orders for Samsung.

The equipment will be shipped from the Netherlands to Germany partly by courier. Also in the forum of Android aid there first user, who report that they have received the Galaxy Note 7 today, almost a week before the expected date. For pre-orders can be found at Samsung in addition to the Galaxy Note 7 nor the new Gear VR and a Multi-Bag, according to Samsung one attention for storage of smartphones including accessories.

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