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Samsung starts handing out replacement Galaxy Note 7 inventory in the UK

Samsung has already started shipping replacement inventory of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea while some of its retail and carrier partners have also followed through in the United States even though the official date is September 21. Today, the company has officially started handing out safe Galaxy Note 7 units with batteries that are not a fire hazard to customers in the United Kingdom.

Vice president of mobile for Samsung in the UK and Ireland Conor Pierce apologized to customers “for not meeting the standard of product excellence that they have come to expect from Samsung,” and reiterated the company’s plea to take part in the replacement program. “Our absolute priority is the safety of our customers – that’s why we are asking all Galaxy Note 7 customers to act now and exchange today,” he added.

The company is confident that the issue has been “completely resolved” in the replacement inventory that’s now being handed out to customers, earlier today it detailed how you can identify a Galaxy Note 7 with a safe battery. Customers in the United Kingdom should get in touch with the carrier or retailer where they bought their unit from. Samsung has also dedicated a customer support team to the handling of replacements, the team can be reached by calling 0330 7261000 in the UK.


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