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The Galaxy Note 7 recall has nothing to do with removable batteries

If you frequent any Samsung user discussions, there are three items of great importance to some long-time customers: 1) microSD card slot, 2) IR blaster, and 3) removable batteries. Sure, the microSD card slot and IR blaster seem to be the more important priorities for many who value them above all else (fortunately, I do not fit in this category), but the removable battery does have its fan base.

Samsung fanboys are looked upon in a negative light, but microSD card fanboys, IR blaster fanboys, and removable battery fanboys are even worse than the Samsung kind: after all, they make these issues of such importance that they’ll only buy from OEMs that supply these (as if to say that nothing else matters). They’ll jump from one OEM to another, provided that these three items are kept alive.

The Galaxy Note 7 recall has brought to light an issue that matters most to removable battery fanboys: that is, the cells within Samsung’s batteries that, by the way, are sealed within its 2016 “Galaxies.” Now, I’ve heard of begging the question being a fallacy, but the removable battery fanboys take this fallacy to a whole new level.

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