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What's New in Android Studio 2.2

Android Studio 2.2 is now available for download in the stable channel, including the new layout editor, APK Analyzer, Test Recorder, Firebase Integration, C/C++ Improvements, and much more.

Find out more about Android Studio 2.2 features here: http://android-developers.blogspot.co... (https://goo.gl/izsTxS)

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Android Studio 2.2 features:

An all new Layout Editor with tools custom-built to support ConstraintLayout.
A new Layout Inspector to let you examine snapshots of your layout hierarchy while your app is running on the emulator or a device.
A new Assistant window to help you integrate Firebase services into your app.
A new APK Analyzer tool so you can inspect the contents of your packaged app.
The new Espresso Test Recorder tool (currently in beta) to help you create UI tests by recording your own interactions.
A new build cache (currently experimental) to speed up build performance.
New C/C++ build integrations with CMake and ndk-build, making it easier than ever to integrate and debug native code in your apps.
A new Samples Browser so you can easily look up our Android sample code from within Android Studio to jump start your app development.
The new Merged Manifest Viewer to help you diagnose how your manifest file merges with your app dependencies across project build variants.
The new Android Emulator, with new Virtual Sensors, cellular controls, and mouse-wheel gesture support.
An updated IDE codebase from IntelliJ 15 to IntelliJ 2016.1
Enhancements and fixes to Instant Run

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