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[Expert Review] Effective Noise Canceling and Impressive Sound Quality Put the ‘Pro’ in Galaxy Buds Pro

With so much content available at our fingertips, wireless earphones have a unique ability to improve users’ daily lives. Packed with cutting edge software and hardware, wireless earbuds have become an “all-in-one” audio solution that deliver a rich sound experience no matter where you are.

The well-loved Galaxy Buds series has returned with the powerful Galaxy Buds Pro, offering a new standard for wireless earphones. With cleaner call quality, active noise canceling, and a comfortable ergonomic design, Galaxy Buds Pro bring listeners closer to their audio than ever before. We were curious to find out what would happen when an audio expert tried out Galaxy Buds Pro, so Samsung Newsroom sat down with Sung Yonjin, editor-in-chief of “High-Fi Magazine,” to find out his thoughts on Samsung’s newest earphones.

Capturing the Texture of Sound for Clearer Audio Quality


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