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[Interview] The Secret Behind Ultra High-Definition TVs: Mini LED Driver ICs

 The television industry is always on the lookout for the next big advancement in the sector. Enter Mini LED TV technology, which contains smaller LEDs, and allows more LEDs to be packed into screens, enabling brighter and more detailed color expression and a slimmer TV profile.


These smaller LEDs are underpinned by semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs), which have attracted the interest of the global TV industry because they affect how efficiently the Mini LEDs can operate.

Samsung Electronics recently showcased two new Mini LED Driver ICs, called S6LP441 and S6LDMB1, which have innovative features and are once again elevating standards for Mini LED TV technology. Samsung Newsroom met the developers of the Mini LED Driver ICs to learn more about the innovations that are underpinning the emergence of the Mini LED TV.


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